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Koppers leased ship captain did not have Covid-19

Please attribute this statement to Nick Moretti, Head of Koppers Australia’s Carbon Chemical’s division and its Mayfield plant’s Operations Manager.

A ship chartered by Koppers Australia, Asphalt Transporter, is waiting out to sea off the coast of Newcastle in line with Australian government requirements.

The ship’s captain was taken off the ship in the Philippines on April 7 as a precaution because he felt unwell. He was replaced by another captain.

The ship’s management company has confirmed the original captain tested negative for Covid-19 after leaving the ship. The ship’s new captain and ship’s medical officer are monitoring crew and taking temperature checks. They report that no crew member has Covid-19 symptoms.

When the ship docks on April 22, we will follow the Port of Newcastle’s strict quarantine protocols. Our staff will not be in contact with any of the ship’s crew.

The ship is bringing raw material (soft pitch) for our operations.

The health and safety of our staff, contractors and the community is our utmost priority. We are very happy to comply with the Australian Government requirements. 

Media information: Craig Eardley on 0437 477 493

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