Wood Products

Wood Products


Koppers supplies quality treated wood products in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We produce treated timber sourced from sustainably managed hardwood regrowth forests and renewable plantation pine to ensure durability and protection against termites and decay. We also help property owners to sustainably manage and harvest timber on their properties.

Wood Products

Products and Services

We supply a range of treated timber utility poles, foundation and marine piles, construction products, and other treated timber log products for agricultural and landscape uses.

Wood Products

Professional Forest Services

Koppers helps property owners to sustainably manage and harvest the hardwood timber on their properties.

We have the markets and the experience in managing forests and marketing forest products to maximise harvesting returns. Find out more 

Forest Assessments

Do you want to know how much timber you have and what it is worth?  Koppers has experienced timber assessors to provide you with an assessment and valuation. 

Harvesting your timber land

Koppers’ experts help ensure the harvesting operations on your property comply with the Private Native Forest Code of Practice to deliver you the required returns and environmental outcomes.

Sustainable Forest Management

Koppers will help you achieve your timber returns in a sustainable way while promoting optimum regeneration for future harvests. We help you get the optimum timber utilisation while complying with the Private Native Forest Code of Practice.

Certified chain of

Koppers uses certified Quality Assurance, Environmental and Chain of Custody management systems. Koppers’ professional team is trained in forest assessment & valuation, timber harvesting, and marketing to deliver you results. 

Wood Products

Safety, Health & Environment

Koppers operates its facilities to be efficient and safe for our staff and the community. Environmental sustainability is our focus. Timber is an environmentally responsible product and we source ours from renewable and managed regrowth forests. 

Our ‘Standard Specifications’ and ‘Safety Data Sheets’ detail procedures for safe use and handling of preservative treated products.

To request a Koppers Wood Products Safety Data sheet, please send an email with your request to msds_kwp@koppers.com.au and we will respond as soon as possible.