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Products & Services


Koppers treated timber utility poles are ideal for the electricity distribution and telecommunications industries. 

Timber poles are the most commonly used utility pole by network owners because of their proven performance, longevity and structural properties.

Our poles are manufactured in accordance with AS3818.11 and treated to Hazard Level H5 minimum, in accordance with AS1604.1.

Products & Services

Pole Range & Sizes

Koppers produces hardwood and softwood poles in a range of lengths and strengths. 

Hardwood poles are available from 8m to 23m (in 1.5m increments) and 24m to 31m (in 1m increments)

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Products & Services


Koppers offers a range of timber piling options across Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and South East Asia. 

Using managed regrowth hardwood resources and renewable plantation pine, our preservative treated roundwood piling products have built-in durability against termites and decay. 

Contact us for design information, capacity tables, specifications and case studies.

Products & Services

Foundation & Marine Piles

Koppers treated foundation and marine piles are renowned for their quality and durability. 

We treat foundation piles to Hazard Level H5 and marine piles to H6 in accordance with AS1604. 

For southern waters, we treat marine piles with CCA. For temperate and tropical waters, our marine piles have a unique double-treatment process using CCA and PEC (Pigment Emulsified Creosote).

Products & Services

Koppers Log range

Koppers treated logs are ideal for landscaping, fencing and a range of viticultural and horticultural applications. 

We use natural and renewable plantation pine treated to ensure durability against termites and decay.

Koppers Superlogs


Koppers treated pine logs create a simple, natural look.  

Suitable for large and small areas, they blend in with other building styles and materials to provide a cost effective landscaping solution.

Superlog products include perfect rounds, winged splits, slabs, half rounds and roundback sleeper.

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Pine Building Poles

A cost effective, flexible building alternative for challenging building sites.

Koppers building poles are ideal for creating structures which harmonise with bushland settings. Use them to preserve natural vegetation and maximise scenic outlooks.  

The poles offer exceptional resistance to prevailing winds and can eliminate costly earth works.

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Products & Services

Treatment Services

Koppers treats timber for manufacturers, sawmillers, wholesalers and individuals.   

Our service helps protect against termite attack and fungal decay. We treat to a range of specifications and required hazard level.

We supply H6 double-treated (DT)  and H6 CCA only treated sawn timber.  H6 (DT) sawn timber is only available from Grafton.