Carbon Materials & Chemicals

Carbon Materials & Chemicals

World class Coal Tar Pitch
& other carbon products

Koppers Carbon Materials & Chemicals Australia beneficially reuses coal tar from Australian steelworks to produce coal tar pitch – essential for Australian aluminium smelters. We also make carbon black feedstock, naphthalene, and creosote oil for Australian and international customers.

Our customers know they can depend on us for quality, timeliness and attention to detail.

We proudly support Australian manufacturing jobs.

Made Products

Koppers is the only Australian manufacturer of coal tar pitch. We also make carbon black feedstock, naphthalene, and timber preservation creosote.

Quality Support Services

We offer our customers world class technical advice, engineering advice and product testing through local experts and our Global Technology Centre.


Access Technical Support or view
our white papers for the latest information from our research experts in carbon products and chemicals.

Carbon Materials & Chemicals

Safety, Health & Environment

Koppers always strives to operate its facilities in an efficient manner while maintaining an unwavering commitment to Zero Harm and the care and protection of our people, communities and environment.

Koppers continually invests in plant upgrades to improve the performance of its Newcastle plant by implementing pollution reduction programs in consultation with the regulators.

Carbon Materials & Chemicals

Koppers cares
about communities

Koppers takes its responsibility to be a good employer, a good neighbour, and to support the communities in which it operates,
very seriously.

As a key employer of local people and Australia’s only supplier
of a vital raw material to the aluminium industry, Koppers
contributes to the local economy and to Australian manufacturing.